NPIQL is short for NPI plus GraphQL

It's officiall pronounced "N Pickle" or "In Pickle". What can I say? I like Pickles.

This service exists to make looking up healthcare provider data from NPPES / NPI easier for apps, scripts and humans. More and more I'm accessing the data via their official API using node, python or some other scripting language. Somtimes, I still want to use a simple web interface. And sometimes, I only want to see or use a few of the data attributes.

Enter GraphQL and GraphiQL

To make life simple, I decided to write a GraphQL interface for the official NPPES / NPI database provided by the US Government. Because all of the data is public, I though, why not just make this tool available for anyone that wants to use it.

If you're not familiar with GraphQL, GraphiQL, NPPES or healthcare provider data, I'll post articles and examples from time to time that will help you get up to speed.

If you lik, you can alwasy go directly to the official NPPES Directory. Here's a link for that.NPPES API

Made in California with Love